Thank You

How do I say THANK YOU enough to someone that has shown me the beauty inside of myself and the beauty all around me without even knowing it? How do I say thank you to a person that truly has just listened to me and helped me through life, get through just another day….While I was unknowingly under so much depression, I didn’t even realize I was so deep until today, today I can acknowledge it. While looking through some pictures of the past year, I realized the influence that has been poured all over me. The grace that God has provided and the beauty that I didn’t even realize. I sit here in tears once again so THANKFUL for such a friend that has graced my life and for that I will forever be grateful. Wow, such an impact a person can make without trying, just being…thank you my friend, even if at times you seem distant your always close to my heart.


God Odometer

Have you ever noticed that your car odometer goes past 100mph? Mine goes to 160, but I never go past 80…so if I really wanted to my car could potentially go as fast as 160 right?? So, I was thinking the other we have a “God Odometer” that was placed inside of us when we were created? Soooo why don’t we ever go past what we “feel” comfortable with? Why do we tell ourselves that we can’t? That’s the question I’m pondering lately…


My Piece of Heaven

I sit cooling down after a light jog this morning. The breeze in my hair, the sun lightly touching my back. The sky and amazing colors all around me are glorious. I sometimes wonder how many colors are in Gods coloring box 😊. While I jogged I had the privilege to hear some birds singing, a hummingbird hanging out on the edge of a branch, a spider web with such detail. Wow, the smallest wonders amaze me. I love the stillness that nature offers. We as humans just mess it all up with all our noise and chaos. I’m totally in love with God a little more today. Maybe I’ll go buy me some nice flowers and a cup of coffee…Enjoy YOUR piece of heaven this Spring.




Isn’t it interesting how everyday brings so many different emotions…or maybe it’s just me as a woman??

I just know that today has really been “an interesting kinda day”. I was great in the morning then by mid day had an emotional breakdown were I totally yelled and cried out to God. My life lately has just been so chaotic…I don’t want to live my life just going through the motions, I have found myself just being and really not living. I’m simply tired. Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and everything else ending in -lly. I’ve sadly considered suicide but then chicken out so many times…I’ve considered counseling..but will that really help? I’m tired…

I find myself needing and seeking people around me with wisdom- is that because I need so much of it now? We all at one point of our life’s go through this (I hope I’m not alone). The only thing right now holding me up…is MY GOD…for what ever reason.

So for now I will TRUST HE has a plan for my life, because I obviously don’t…


Love it!!

I love it how God has me surrounded by people that truly are Angels to my life. I believe we all have them, people that love ya even when things don’t sound or look too good. I am blessed to have two really special guys that do that often. I believe they are part of my journey, especially right now when I’m having such a hard time with finding out what the heck to do with so many areas in my life. One is an amazing soccer coach. He has truly not really been around much, but has been such an impact in my heart without even knowing it. He is a man that doesn’t just talk to me to sleep with me (which no one has) he doesn’t even allow it to “go there” but he is a very smart guy and I love to hear is corky life lessons, they just make my heart skip a beat for a weird reason. I love it. He is a man that loves his profession and it shows in so many ways, but for me he is my friend. Thank you sir. Then, I have a man that lives a few hundred miles away but I have known for years. He is the one I reach out to when I am truly truly in the dumps and he really always knows just the words I need to hear ( he is the one I can be “the real me” with. The one that actually knows more of me then he should, but is always respectful and loving to me. I love him to pieces. Thank you babe.
Then, I have the men at my daughters school that out of no where will stop and look pretty today or I love your smile…

I sit here and drink my coffee on this gloomy morning and smile for men that step up to being a little sensitive and not think “it’s gay” to be nice to a woman or just want to undress me with their eyes. And are ok wearing pink on any given day. I’m thankful for all of them for being part of my life and building me up to the beautiful woman that God created me to be!!

It’s been a journey from back in the days when I couldn’t wrap my mind around being ok to be me or pretty to now knowing with a pep to my step that it’s all going to be ok… Cheers to my next life chapter as of today….the bull shit will always be there but I choose to step over it and leave it behind!!!


Isn’t it amazing how as women you never really think of yourself first unless your single or really young??

I had lunch with a girlfriend today and we talked about random things but then out of no where we talked about “deep” things.

I started to tell her how I’ve been feeling lately with my marriage and how I simply just want to be “me” but just don’t know what that looks like. I want to be able to grab my girls and fill up my car and take off to a museum or the beach just a few hours away. I want to be free…there are days when I feel so trapped and confined, but why? Why do I feel that way when I truly do what I want anyways my husband would tell you..I think my subconscious mind is always thinking an invisible wall around me and I build excuses and feel that since I’m married I’m “suppose” to be happy hunky dory and do things with my husband – but why be fake? Why pretend I have a marriage that’s roses and chocolates everyday – today I admit I need to start counseling and I am not all that excited about being married, there I said it well wrote it.

I want to throw up, but I WILL TRUST in my God that HE has a plan for me and my girls…. Oh the chicken fingers were yummy and my girlfriend is on the same boat come to find out…so we will pray for each other…

I can only imagine…

What do I say to a friend that is around my age, with two teenage children and….just lost her husband to cancer??

What do you say? How do you help? Other then just pray for her heart to heal. My heart is overwhelmed by her pain, the pain of her only son (my oldest daughters friend) how he will grow up and not have his father around to teach him to be a man. His daughter that will grow up and not have someone to walk her down the isle when she gets married….ugh sooo many things that he will not be a part of. My heart is heavy for this woman. I just pray that she may find comfort in knowing that God is by her side each and every minute. Day and night, because HE IS FAITHFUL ALWAYS!!!