Isn’t it interesting how everyday brings so many different emotions…or maybe it’s just me as a woman??

I just know that today has really been “an interesting kinda day”. I was great in the morning then by mid day had an emotional breakdown were I totally yelled and cried out to God. My life lately has just been so chaotic…I don’t want to live my life just going through the motions, I have found myself just being and really not living. I’m simply tired. Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and everything else ending in -lly. I’ve sadly considered suicide but then chicken out so many times…I’ve considered counseling..but will that really help? I’m tired…

I find myself needing and seeking people around me with wisdom- is that because I need so much of it now? We all at one point of our life’s go through this (I hope I’m not alone). The only thing right now holding me up…is MY GOD…for what ever reason.

So for now I will TRUST HE has a plan for my life, because I obviously don’t…



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